Spider phobia

The fear of spiders (also known as “arachnophobia”) is one of the most common and widespread phobias. It is possible that evolution has hard-wired us to feel afraid of spiders. However, when the fear of spiders is strong and intense it can cause significant disruption in people’s lives. There are genuinely dangerous spiders in other parts of the world, but many of the types of spiders that people get scared of are completely harmless. This fear and hatred of spiders can become a huge issue for people. Sufferers may even try to avoid situations where they could encounter spiders or situations where they might encounter them when they are on their own.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy works by changing your automatic response pattern to spiders. As extraordinary as it sounds you can choose how you would ideally like to be able to respond to spiders , and, through the processes of Brain Working Recursive Therapy, I can install that new response so that it becomes a natural and automatic response to any further encounters with spiders.

In general, with this type of therapy, clients choose their own preferred response. However, in the case of fear of spiders, as a Buddhist who believes in the value of all life, I only work with clients that are willing to choose a non-violent response – e.g. ignoring the spider, catching and releasing it, or calmly calling upon someone else to do so. I do not believe that you can fully overcome your fear if you consider killing the spider to be your only or best option. Having chosen a preferred response  I will guide you through the unique Brain Working Recursive Therapy process in order to remove the fear response that you currently experience and replace it with your desired alternative response. The process is repeated multiple times in quick succession in order to deeply install the new response. The process is extremely quick and can often be accomplished in as little as one or two sessions. I work online (via Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime) with clients from around the world to help them overcome this issue. 

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer working as a therapist. However, I remain a student and supporter of BWRT - an excellent therapy with the power to help people to make personal changes swiftly and effectively. I am keeping this site live in order to help people to discover BWRT, and to share my thoughts and reflections about BWRT from time to time. To Find a therapist please visit the website of the Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy