Performance anxiety

Performance anxiety is experienced by a large number of  people within an endless variety of situations. Life presents us with countless situations, on a daily basis, which require an intelligent response. When people encounter situations in which they need to do something that they simply feel incapable of doing, or incapable of doing to the required or expected standard, anxiety is an understandable response. At such times our feelings of anxiety can easily come to dominate our thinking. Instead of being able to think our way through the situation our mind becomes caught up in an endless loop of worry. Our capacity for calm, rational thinking and clear planning abandons us at the very moment that we need it most.

 There are no “silly” reasons for experiencing performance anxiety as anxiety is a perfectly understandable response to any situation that we personally feel intimidated by. Unfortunately one of the commonest responses that people have to performance anxiety is to start feeling inadequate about the fact that they feel anxious. Feelings of anxiety give rise to feelings of inadequacy and self-criticism, which in turn give rise to even greater feelings of anxiety, thereby creating a vicious circle of self-despair. Some people may turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt to solve their anxiety thereby creating a whole host of additional problems for themselves. It would be difficult to exaggerate the depths of misery to which performance anxiety can potentially lead.

A traditional therapeutic approach to dealing with performance anxiety would involve working with a therapist to try to gain a greater sense of perspective with respect to the anxiety-provoking situation. Whilst this can sometimes be extremely helpful for people it isn’t always an effective approach. In cases where the worry and anxiety has become over-powering it may prove largely futile. One of the great strengths of Brain Working Recursive Therapy is that it is based upon an understanding of the psychological mechanism whereby our fear responses are created and reinforced in particular situations. It provides a unique and highly effective method for interrupting the anxiety response and replacing it with a more beneficial response to the anxiety provoking situation.

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer working as a therapist. However, I remain a student and supporter of BWRT - an excellent therapy with the power to help people to make personal changes swiftly and effectively. I am keeping this site live in order to help people to discover BWRT, and to share my thoughts and reflections about BWRT from time to time. To Find a therapist please visit the website of the Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy