Anger issues

Anger is a powerful emotion that influences people's thoughts and behavior choices in many ways. Although occasional mild anger can sometimes be used by people in a controlled ongoing anger becomes a cause of great suffering. When it is becomes chronic it causes people to experience a build-up of stress and creates difficulties within relationships. At its worst it can cause people to engage in verbal aggression, or even engage in acts of physical aggression or self-harm. People with anger issues are generally aware that they have a problem but often don't know what to do about it. Anger always begins with a thought about something that we dislike or are not happy about. If we dwell on the feelings of dislike the an quickly turn into anger. For many people suffering from anger the process of negative thought leading to feelings of anger takes place so quickly and automatically that they are unable to stop or control it.     

The effectiveness of Brain Working Recursive Therapy for anger issues lies in is its ability to interrupt that cycle of negative thought leading to anger by changing your automatic response patterns to the initial thought or experience. All that is required from you is to possess some idea of how you would like to be able to respond to the situation that was previously making you angry. Upon that basis I will guide you through the Brain Working Recursive Therapy process in order to remove the anger response that you currently experience and replace it with your desired alternative response. The process is repeated multiple times in quick succession in order to deeply install the new response. The process can often be extremely quick and dramatic changes can often be accomplished in as little as one or two sessions.

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer working as a therapist. However, I remain a student and supporter of BWRT - an excellent therapy with the power to help people to make personal changes swiftly and effectively. I am keeping this site live in order to help people to discover BWRT, and to share my thoughts and reflections about BWRT from time to time. To Find a therapist please visit the website of the Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy