Fear of public speaking

Fear of public speaking is extremely common and is experienced by many people when faced with the challenge of having to speak to a group of people. Whether this is at a work meeting, a best man speech, as part of a training or course, or in any other setting, the challenge of being required to speak to a group of people can feel severely intimidating for people who are not used to doing so. The ability to confidently deliver a presentation, or even just to speak in a group setting, is unrelated to a person’s knowledge and understanding of their subject. It is a perfectly common scenario for someone to be excellent at their job but still terrified about speaking about any aspect of their work publicly. You may have known your best friend for many years, and have had many great times with him, but that doesn’t automatically make you comfortable with the idea of sharing those personal memories in front of a room full of strangers at his wedding reception!

The first thing that you will need to do is to work out to what extent your fear is based upon your actual ability to make the points that you need to make and to what extent it is based upon your fear of making those points to a group of people. A good test of this is to ask yourself whether you would be capable of making the points that you want to make within the context of a one-to-one conversation with one other person. If your answer to that question is “no” then clearly your concerns are to some extent well-founded. Therapy could still be potentially very useful to you, but your first priority should be to seek out the help and assistance that you need to make the points that you need to make. Clearly a therapist is won’t be able to help you put together a presentation about your particular industry or think of funny anecdotes about your best friend! There are other people who can help you with those things and you would be well advised to reach out for the help and assistance that you need. If, having reached the point of knowing what you want to say you find that you are still deeply scared then therapy could be a very good option for you.

Brain Working Recursive Therapy for public speaking works by directly changing your automatic response to the thought of public speaking. It doesn’t rely for its effectiveness upon “positive thinking” and all that is required from you is to possess some idea of how you would like to be able to feel about public speaking. Upon that basis I will guide you through the unique Brain Working Recursive Therapy process in order to remove the fear response that you currently experience and replace it with your desired alternative response. The process is repeated multiple times in quick succession in order to deeply install the new response. The process is extremely quick and can often be accomplished in as little as one or two sessions. I work online (via Skype, Google Hangouts or FaceTime) with clients from around the world to help them overcome this issue. 

PLEASE NOTE: I am no longer working as a therapist. However, I remain a student and supporter of BWRT - an excellent therapy with the power to help people to make personal changes swiftly and effectively. I am keeping this site live in order to help people to discover BWRT, and to share my thoughts and reflections about BWRT from time to time. To Find a therapist please visit the website of the Institute of Brainworking Recursive Therapy